World Team Tennis

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ECCTA members are extremely active in World Team Tennis in San Diego. We usually field 4 to 8 teams at the 3.5 and 4.0 levels. Around half of the matches are played on our home courts at Helix Charter High School in La Mesa with the other matches hosted at other tennis clubs around San Diego. Players must be at least 18 years old and be current ECCTA members in good standing. For more information on World Team Tennis, go to

WTT Participating Clubs/Locations:

Results From Prior Seasons:


ECCTA Team at Irvine WTT National Qualifiers
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Brief Primer on WTT Rules:

  • First to 8 games, tie break at 7-7
  • Switch sides every 4 games
  • No ad scoring:
    • Receiving team chooses side on “deuce”
    • Mixed doubles where gender must serve to same gender at “deuce”
  • Play lets, either player on receiving team can return after ball bounces
  • 9-point Tie break:
    • First to 5 points
    • Alternate servers every 2 points, last server serves at 4-4
    • Switch sides (once) after 4 points
Match Scoring

  • Total games won-lost in all matches
  • If leading team wins 2nd mixed doubles match, match is over
  • If trailing team wins 2nd mixed doubles match, the set continues into overtime until:
    • The leading team wins a game, or
    • The trailing team evens the overall game score and goes into supertiebreaker
  • 13-point Super Tiebreaker:
    • First to 7 points
    • Alternate server every 2 points, last server serves at 6-6
    • Switch sides (once) after 6 points

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