National Junior Tennis and Learning

NJTL LogoThe USTA National Junior Tennis & Learning (NJTL) network is a nation-wide group of more than 600 non-profit youth development organizations that provide free or low cost tennis, education and life skills programming to more than 250,000 children each year.

NJTL develops the character of young people by emphasizing the ideals and life of co-founder Arthur Ashe . While NJTL’s vary in size and programming, this growing network shares a commitment to positive youth development, the importance of education, and tennis as a lifetime sport.

ECCTA has been participating in the NJTL program for 10 years. The programs are run in the summer and consist of six weeks of lessons (2 hours per lesson, 2 lessons per week for a total of 24 hours) and usually begin the first week of July and run through mid August. The ECCTA typically has three groups. One Monday/Wednesday morning group, and two Tuesday/Thursday late afternoon groups. The cost is $10 for the entire six week program. There is a maximum of 25 juniors per class

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