Membership Information

Membership Benefits

Discounts & Priority: Receive discounts on ECCTA activities, lessons, lighting fees, tournaments, racquet stringing, and have priority court reservations! (Please note that Helix High School always has priority on the courts during school hours and other times during tennis season. See the Helix Charter High School Athletics website for the official Girls (Fall) and Boys (Spring) Tennis schedules.

ECCTA Newsletter: Keep updated on ECCTA programs, events, group excursions, league information, tennis clinics for adults and juniors, and exciting tennis news.

Membership Directory: A directory of players, availability, level of play, email addresses, and phone numbers will be available to help you find practice partners at your level and to arrange matches.

Annual Membership Dues

Annual dues for current members should be submitted by January 15th. Your dues help pay for facility maintenance, insurance, and utility costs. Administration of these responsibilities is managed entirely by volunteer ECCTA Board Members.

Annual ECCTA Dues

All membership enrollments and renewals expire at the end of the calendar year, regardless of when they are paid during the calendar year.

$40 Adult Membership
$15 Junior Membership (18 and under)
Family Membership
$40 per adult. Families with at least one junior will receive a $5/member discount (adult discount capped at 2 adult memberships). For example:
1 adult + 1 junior = $45
1 adult + 2 juniors = $55
2 adults + 1 junior = $80
2 adults + 3 juniors = $100

Financial Hardship Rate

$25.00 Financial Hardship Rate available upon ECCTA Board approval. Email [mailto][/mailto] for more information.

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